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Mother of Hypatia

"The Mother of Hypatia" shows interaction of teaching values through her gestures and animals I associated with the mother to communicate attributes that I speculate you would have to teach a daughter at that time period to be so intellectually inclined outside her gender.

18"x18" oil on mylar, acrylic on tile

Mother of Hypatia

Thinking of my own children and how they show interests of what their passions were from an early age, what type of child was Hypatia, and I imagine that she could have only become what she was by having a strong mother.

The owl in this image represents wisdom and teaching and astronomy, and in Chinese culture the butterfly evokes freedom, love, earthly beauty, and the human soul. I created the shell with layers of packing tape and paint, and it refers to the Fibonacci spiral, which has become a modern icon for the maths and sciences. Some astronomical cordanance circles are painted on the tile and of course she is etching a math equation in the sand, which we see spiral up around and encircle both of them.

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