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Spirituality has been at the core of my creation process from the time I was little. The idea of God creating the Universe lies at the inner most part of my identity not only as a human, but as a child of God. Art, for me, has been a form of communication, not only of how I feel about spiritual aspects, but a way for me to teach by deconstructing the abstract metaphors found not just in the canonical  scriptures, but in the pseudepigrapha and apocrypha. Seeking into the unknown and not so popular has helped me form my own image of what I interpret to be a possible truth, but not the only truth. I hold the possibility of what may be over the absolute of what traditions have left us. Limitlessness, and boundlessness, are key to understanding who and what God is and where they belong, where we belong.

L Aerin Collett Fine Art- Minerva


Minerva is a construct of female deity overlapping the description of the role of Minerva in greek mythology, and the Gnostic Mother, Pistis Sophia, and the powers or ideas associated with female energy.

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L Aerin Collett Fine Art- Protennoia Tree of Life

Protennoia Tree of Life

The subject matter in this image is complex, only because of the unfamiliarity of the Nag Hammadi Library and the books it contains. Protennoia Tree of Life combines multiple ideas addressed in the Nag Hammadi in regards to the role of Eve and the relationship with the Mother.

24"x40" oil, acrylilc and ink on mylar with fabric

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L Aerin Collett Fine Art- The Doctrine of Christ

The Doctrine of Christ

In the Essene Gospel of Peace, Christ teaches exactly what you must do to be clean inside and out, how to use the elements of water, air, and sun to purify the body, mind and heart. That we must cast off our clothes and bathe daily in these elements, and eat only food in their natural, uncooked forms.

24" x 36" oil and ink on mylar with fabric

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L Aerin Collett Fine Art- The Law

The Law

"The Law" comes from the Essene Gospel of Peace, and explains the commandments Moses received were altered, and gives the supposed original text. The book expresses and teaches a process of baptism that helps honor and fulfill the Law.

36" x 46" oil on mirror

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L Aerin Collett Fine Art- The Mother is Within

The Mother is Within

This image was inspired by Guanyin, an Eastern tradition goddess, whose attributes are similar to the description of the mother Christ gives in the gnostic and Essene texts.

12" x 12" oil on mirror

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