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The Art of Religion is a vast and complex field that has inspired countless works of art throughout history. One of the most influential texts in the history of art is the Bible, but other religious texts have paradigm insights that have yet to be illustrated, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, Pistis Sophia, the Nag Hammadi, the Gospel of Peace, and Apocrypha. These texts all contain spiritual and philosophical insights that could shaped many aspects of art, and spiritual practices. Many of these ancient texts have vast amounts of information regarding the divine feminine, or as Christ calls her, Our Heavenly Mother.

Spiritual Collection

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Creating the Universe

"Creating the Universe" depicts The Council in Heaven, as they work together to design and create the Universe and the world. The Father directs the process, while the Mother adds in the elements and divides the light from the dark, and Christ adds in the matter, and particles.

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Daughter of God

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Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven painting puts the Mother in the center as a mediator-type between children and heaven. Elevating the role of motherhood as divine co-creator with the heavens. Loaded with lots of symbolism, but the main message hidden within the pajamas of the children, are the Disciples of Christ, symbolizing the mothers’ role to teach the children to be his disciples. The LDS children’s hymn "A Child's Prayer" helped to inspire this painting.

Madonna Tondo

Pioneer Manti Temple

Pistis Sophia


Wisdom is Mother

A Boys Guide to Heavenly Mother by McArther Krishna

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