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Minerva is a construct of female deity overlapping the description of the role of Minerva in greek mythology, and the Gnostic Mother, Pistis Sophia, and the powers or ideas associated with female energy.


As I continue to search for who Heavenly Mother is, and where in history documents record of her, either in myth and legends, or scripture, I find it intriguing how often descriptions, attributes, powers, and abilities transcend cultures.

In Minerva, I found that the greek goddess' description was very similar to the description of Pistis Sophia of the Gnostic texts, and the Earthly Mother in the Essene texts. It has also been interesting to me that the powers associated with the female energies correlate as well, such as the Chakras, re-birth, teacher, and life giver. This interpretation tries to tie in all the concepts I've learned about the Heavenly Mother in multiple cultures. The Child has small references to Christ and Buddha, but really is the representation of the human creation of the Mother, and our own role within humanity to become her child, and become her tribe. The sacrifices we must make to become childlike are linked to the teachings of the Essene Christ, the Romand Christ, and Buddha.

All the icons in this image represent attributes I have found to represent our Heavenly Mother.

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