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The Doctrine of Christ

In the Essene Gospel of Peace, Christ teaches exactly what you must do to be clean inside and out, how to use the elements of water, air, and sun to purify the body, mind and heart. That we must cast off our clothes and bathe daily in these elements, and eat only food in their natural, uncooked forms.

24" x 36" oil and ink on mylar with fabric

The Doctrine of Christ

The Heavenly Mother is instrumental to this process, she is the weaver, and veil of this world. The colors of the DNA strands and ribbons reference the veil of Solomon’s temple, which is about the four elements; earth, is white for linen, fire is red from the cadmium (heated with fire) made pigments, purple for water, coming from the die of the purple sea snail, and blue for the air, coming from the pigments we get from oxidizing them.

We are born with the matter body from the earth, but we must be "born again" by water, spirit, and fire, according to the teachings of Christ. We purify the body inside and out with water. We purify our thoughts and mind with the Spirit or the greek translation also means air. Which can be taken further to mean tat we must enter the quantum field of the Universe to find this purifying process. And finally the baptism of fire, heart, or emotion. The purification of the blood, which the Sun can assist better once our matter is clean, and our thoughts are organized into coherence.

This baptism promises internal and eternal peace and eternal life, not as an after life, but as an inheritance of this life, this earth, and this soul. It is a scientific process of molecular change that one can only obtain by doing the work required. In the Nag Hammadi, Christ tells how it is the self-begotten who inherit eternal life and this world, and heaven.

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