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The Mother is Within

This image was inspired by Guanyin, an Eastern tradition goddess, whose attributes are similar to the description of the mother Christ gives in the gnostic and Essene texts.

12" x 12" oil on mirror

The Mother is Within

"The Mother is Within" represents the journey to find the mother within our hearts, and to listen to the mother of our spirit. Like Guanyin she is "The One Who Perceives the Sounds of the World." In the Nag Hammadi, in the book Trimorphic Protennoia, the Mother says "I am a voice speaking softly. I exist from the first. I dwell within the silence that surrounds every on of them. And it is the hidden voice that dwells within me, within the incomprehensible, immeasurable thought, within the immeasurable silence."

In the Aramaic texts, the Mother is known as the Holy Spirit. The feminine energy is associated to the quantum field, and the universal consciousness. To be born again, is to be born of this Mother, and to find her we must look inside ourselves.

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