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Mother of Hathor

This is an interesting work, as Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess, known as the Mother of Horus and Ra, and the mother of Pharos. But she is also known as the Mother of Mothers. So the idea here is that she is the mother and the daughter, the idea of the "I AM".

16" x 20" oil and acrylic on mylar

Mother of Hathor

There are so many attributes associated to Hathor, and we know Christ went to Egypt to study in the Mystery Schools, and in the gnostic and Essene texts he very freely talks about the Mother God and her role is surprisingly dominate and an integral part of the creation, and the importance of a Mother God in Egyptian culture spans thousands of years, and studying Hathor may give greater insight to the true Mother God as she has been lost to this culture.

When we study Mother Gods of ancient cultures, religions, and texts we find an interesting combination of being not only the overseer of life but also death. Female matters and culturally related duties are usually associated to her and rebirth is always woven into the tale.

In the 'Mother of Hathor' I tried to not just honor the attributes of Hathor, but also incorporate the attributes associated with mother deities. The papyrus grass symbolizes growth and vitality, while the calla lilies represent fertility and death. The scarab beetle, famously known for re-birth, and resurrection, and holds the sun. The golden circle motif behind her represents eternal life. The kitten (cat) is justice, fertility and power.

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