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The Law

"The Law" comes from the Essene Gospel of Peace, and explains the commandments Moses received were altered, and gives the supposed original text. The book expresses and teaches a process of baptism that helps honor and fulfill the Law.

36" x 46" oil on mirror

The Law

My Mother and Father gave me Jesus Christ, so that He could show me the gate to enter the Tree of Life, to learn about the Kingdom of my Mother, and the Kingdom of my Father, so they could teach me the Mysteries of Heaven.

Repentance is to be in the right relationship once again with our Mother and Father, and to know their angels. Baptism is to purify and sanctify our body with water, our mind with Spirit (in Hebrew spirit is wind or breathe: so air), and our heart with fire or Sun, so that we can speak with the tongue of angels.

I am the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

I will sink my roots deep into my Mother and learn her law that my branches will reach high into the heavens to my Father, that together with their angels, I can bring Peace to the Earth.

By knowing that I am in my Mother and my Mother is in me, that I am in my Father and that my Father is in me, I will learn the Law of my Mother (mother symbol) by day and listen to the instruction of my Father (ibis) by night.

My Mother gives me the Sun so I can learn the Power (eagle) of my Father.

My Mother gives me Water so I can learn the Love (swan) of my Father.

My Mother gives me Air so I can learn the Wisdom (owl) of my Father.

My Mother gives me the Earth so my Father can give me Eternal Life (phoenix).

My Mother gives me Life (adder) so my Father can teach me how to Work (arctic tern).

My Mother gives me Joy (rainbow) so I can give the Peace (dove) of my Father to those around me.

Peace I give unto you! May your love and joy abound.

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